About Us

Ishya as the name describes itself ‘Spring’ the symbolism of bloom,freshness,happiness and newfangledness.Our purpose through the brand label “Ishya” is same to bring uniqueness,rejuvenation through our designer collection .We bascially brought Indian textile and handicraft to a new and modernist approach in our clothing line.

We believe that you will love the Newness of Indian textile in our designs that accentuate elegant style.

Ishya” label originates from the city Kota in Rajasthan.Kota is famous for its Kota doria textile-The delicate and alluring light weight weave.It brings the fresh aspect of spring through it’s exquisite thin ,crisp and translucent fabric that let out elegant style and easy-breezy chic vibe.

Here we bring you the beauty of Kota Doria textile in our collection.Its an attempt to bring rich beautiful traditional weave and designs of Rajasthan through our collection.